Saved Or Lost

‘What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?’ – Mark 8.36

From Sam Lomas:

I like ferries.  I think there is something uniquely special about traveling by boat.  Every kind of ferry, from the little passenger ferries that cross rivers, to the big P&O ferries that cross the English Channel, all provide a sense of adventure.

A friend of mine once told me about their trip to Belfast, during which he went on a tour of the titanic museum.  He was able to see lots of items that have been rescued from the wreckage.  But the most striking thing about the whole experience was at the start and end of the tour. 

At the start you are given a ticket with the name of an actual passenger who had been on the Titanic when it sunk in 1912.  At the end of the tour there is a one final plot twist.  There is a large board listing the names of all the passengers, including their status – first class, second class or crew.  In addition, on the board is a divide between those who were ‘saved’ and those who were ‘lost’.

That board is a great reminder about what really matters in life.  To those on the sinking Titanic, first or second class lost its meaning.  What really mattered in the end was whether they were ‘saved’ or ‘lost’. 

It’s the same for us today.  As Jesus said, “what good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Maybe you have already put your trust in Jesus and your name is on the ‘saved’ part of the board.  But what about the passengers around you?  Instead of thinking of others as ‘first’ or ‘second’ class, let’s consider what really matters – whether they know Jesus or not.  

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One thought on “Saved Or Lost

  1. We went on a Titanic exhibition in London many years ago and were given tickets as we ‘boarded’. We thought similar as we checked our tickets at the end to find that I was lost but Rob was saved! We praised God that, through Jesus, we know we are both ‘saved’. Thank you for the poignant reminder that many around us are perishing.


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