Book Review: King’s Cross

‘The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God’ – Mark 1.1

From Holly Main:

‘Unpredictable yet reliable, gentle yet powerful, authoritative yet humble, human yet divine.’

These are some of the words which Tim Keller uses to describe Jesus in his book, King’s Cross. Focusing on the story as told by Mark’s gospel, throughout the two sections of the book (unsurprisingly labelled ‘The King’ and ‘The Cross’), Keller explores Jesus’ identity as King and his purpose in dying on the cross.

Before reading this book, I hadn’t realised that my view of who Jesus is was pretty narrow. I’d often prayed to be made more like Jesus, but didn’t have much of a clue what that actually looked like in practice. In King’s Cross, Keller really goes into the events recorded in Mark’s gospel, looking at Jesus’s words and actions, and exploring what they say about his identity and what that means. Through reading it, my view of who Jesus is has massively expanded, encouraging me to continue to get to know him more deeply, and showing me what it actually looks like to follow Jesus and to be more like him.

Keller also explains, in a way that’s really easy to understand, why Jesus died on the cross, as well as its significance not only for us as individuals, but also on a cosmic level. It builds up a clear picture of what was actually happening at Jesus’s death and resurrection, what it all means, and shows why it was such an amazing act of love. It’s helped me to understand much better what happened at that first Easter, what it means for me, and how I should respond to it.

King’s Cross is not only engaging to read, drawing from lots of different people and places (there are some great quotes if you’re a Narnia fan!) but also explains a lot of contextual details, which helped me make sense of passages which I’d either found confusing and strange before, and so avoided, or allowed me to see more familiar passages in ways I hadn’t previously. Whether you’re like me and have only known Jesus for a relatively short amount of time, or if you’ve been a Christian for years, I am sure that if you do give it a read, you’ll either learn something completely new, be freshly struck by something, or be reminded of an amazing truth about Jesus (or perhaps even all three!). I don’t think there was a single chapter in which there wasn’t something to challenge me, comfort me, or to be really excited about.

You can purchase King’s Cross here: King’s Cross

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