Wise, Gracious & Salty

‘Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.’ – Colossians 4.5-6

From Sam Lomas:

I often wonder whether I am doing enough to share Jesus with those I come into contact with who aren’t following Him.  The reality is that we could all do better in some way.  The verses above are a helpful reminder of our shared mission to tell people around us of the wonderful things Jesus has done, but to do so in a particular way. 

In many ways, the verses above from Paul speak for themselves.  Some verses in the Bible are very practical.  These two from Colossians are exactly that.  Practical! 

Paul’s instruction is to be wise in the way we interact with people who aren’t believers.  Why?  So that they might be drawn closer to knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.  How should we go about doing this?  Paul answers that too.  By being A) gracious and B) salty.

  • A) Gracious. When we tell others about Jesus, it is important to be gracious in what we say.  No matter how much sense the message makes, we lose our effectiveness if we are not courteous.  Just as we like to be respected, we must respect others if we want them to listen to what we have to say.
  • B) Salty. Part of Paul’s instruction is to be seasoned with salt.  Salt is a preservative and it is tasty.  That means that our conversations should leave people with a unique “taste” in their hearts and minds as well as “preserving” (or highlighting) the good things of God in our world.

Practically speaking, I think this looks like leaving someone always wanting more.  Leaving someone in a place whereby they think, “there was something different about him or her”.  In time, this will lead them to ask questions and enquire more about your faith.

Today, when you have a conversation with someone, remember these verses and Paul’s instructions.  As you go about your day, make the most of the opportunities you have to share Jesus.  Be wise.  Be gracious.  Be salty.  In time, the people you speak to will begin to be drawn closer to Jesus through your actions and conversations. 

*From September we will be making some changes to the days we post the blogs. The new days will be Tuesday & Thursday mornings. Wednesdays will be used occasionally for vlogs.

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