Go Compare?

‘When Peter saw him, he asked, “Lord, what about him?” Jesus answered, “…..What is that to you? You must follow me.”’ – John 21.21-22

From Dave Atkinson:

Are you a price comparison enthusiast? I’m sure some of you are and have made savings through the various websites. Personally, I’m not a fan; I’d prefer it if companies rewarded loyalty!

Fortunately, there are no websites that compare each of us against each other but, in today’s verses, Peter compares himself to another disciple, John, who is following behind Jesus and Peter. In this post resurrection appearance to his disciples, Jesus has just told Peter that he will be killed for following Jesus and ends that part of the conversation with a renewed command to, “Follow me!”

In response, Peter asks Jesus, what about John? Peter is wondering if John is also going to be killed, or whether he will have an easier time as a Christian. To paraphrase Jesus’ reply, “It’s none of your business what happens to John. Peter, you must follow me.”

Do you ever compare yourself to other Christians – sometimes wishing you could do this as well as her and that as well as him? Or, more like Peter, complain that he or she is apparently having a much easier time than me as a Christian? I know that I have at times, and I have needed to repent of my self-focused, sinful heart.

When Jesus calls us to follow him, he is not concerned with how we compare with others. He wants us to be loyal, faithful to his calling on our lives, using the specific gifts that he has given us to fulfil whatever he calls us to do. We should concentrate on serving Jesus, trusting him to equip us by his Holy Spirit, not to second guess his decision to call us, and not to be distracted by comparing ourselves to others.

So don’t go compare, follow Jesus.                                  

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