The Faithfulness of the Lord

‘Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens. Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.’ – Psalm 119: 89 – 90

From Sam Lomas:

Recently when reading the Bible, I have been struck by how often the faithfulness of the Lord is referenced.  It got me thinking and it wasn’t long before I realised that throughout Scripture there are so many examples of the Lord’s faithfulness.  We see God’s faithfulness both to His people as a whole (Israel) and through the stories we read about individuals.  Characters like Abraham, King David and the Apostle Paul all highlight this key characteristic of God.

The Hebrew word translated “faithfulness” means “steadfastness, firmness, with a deep loyalty.”  Isn’t it brilliant that we have a God who is faithful in these ways?  Just imagine how difficult life would be if God was the opposite of faithful and instead, He was ever-changing or wishy-washy.  How awful would it be to live constantly on edge, not knowing which or what type of God we might have today.

But that is not the case – praise the Lord!  Instead, we have a loving God who is always faithful to His Word and keeps His promises.  In Psalm 119, God’s faithfulness is equated with God’s Word.  God speaks never-ending truth.  If God spoke something a thousand years ago, it still stands today. 

This means that although at times in our world, things will feel unpredictable and a bit unstable, we can take courage that in the midst of any chaos, we can rely on the Lord, in particular, on His Word.

Why not spend some time in Scripture today?  Immerse yourself in the unchanging Word of the Lord.

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One thought on “The Faithfulness of the Lord

  1. I have found the Hebrew translation of the word “faithfulness” a great encouragement and focus for thanks and praise.


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